US Government [Project Based] (1st semester)


US Government [Project Based] (1st semester)

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  • High School
  • Parts 1 and 2
  • 2 Mastery Projects
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US Government offers students a comprehensive examination of this country’s government. Students explore the evolution of American democracy, from its birth in the eighteenth century to the expansive role of federal, state, and local governments today. The course covers topics such as changes to the Constitution, the function of the Supreme Court, the structure of Congress, and the importance of the media. The course explores the relationship between the political parties and lobbyists, and the process of monitoring and funding federal elections. Students investigate the roles of state and local governments and their impact on citizens’ daily lives. At the end of this course, students have a knowledge of and appreciation for the workings and history of the US government and understand its impact on American society.

Independent Study [Mastery Project]


Current trends in education focus on student-centered learning and ways to customize education according to each student’s interests, pace, and needs. With this in mind, think of a course you’d like to take or a subject you’d like to study that’s not currently offered by your school and write an argument that outlines why you have the right to take this course.

Policy Letter [Mastery Project]


You are a concerned citizen who is trying to schedule an in-person meeting with a legislator to persuade them to introduce a specific bill. In order to request a meeting, you must first introduce your issue and explain the purpose for the meeting. Select an issue and write a well-crafted letter that persuades your legislator to take interest in your issue, and convinces them to receive you in their office for a face-to-face follow-up meeting.

Part 1

Part 2


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