Earth Science [Project Based] (2nd semester)


Earth Science [Project Based] (2nd semester)

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  • High School
  • Parts 3 and 4
  • 2 Mastery Projects
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Earth Science explores how a number of sciences, including geology, physics, chemistry, and biology impact the world and universe around us. In this interactive and engaging course, students study air, water, and the physical processes that shape the physical world, and how human civilization has affected the balance of nature. Students learn about the modern science behind topics from the Earth’s history, such as continental drift, ice ages, fossil dating, and geological timescale. Students will also look at processes that affect life today, such as weathering and erosion, the rock cycle, weather patterns, and climate. They will explore regular phenomena, the cause of the seasons and natural disasters. The students will examine the formation, acquisition and use of natural resources, as well as alternative energy sources. The students will also look at Earth as a small part of a larger universe in an exploration of astronomy. They will examine the Solar System and the stars and galaxies beyond it.

Climate Forecast [Mastery Project]


You have been recruited as part of the National Weather Services new weather prediction team. Your job is to create a weather forecast for your city in the for the short and long-term. Using research, climate models, and personal observations, you will present your short-term prediction. Next, you will help the National Weather Service predict weather patterns that could occur up to 50 years from now. You are on the cutting edge of research and will be required to submit your findings as a visual presentation or video.

Marine Ecosystems [Mastery Project]


Your regional aquarium is updating its school program to promote education about marine ecosystems. As part of the program, students will participate in a guided tour of the aquarium and go home with a book from a series that profiles different marine organisms, their habitats, and the impact that humans are having on their future. As an expert in marine life, you have been asked to contribute a book to the series, written from the perspective of one marine organism. Your book will educate elementary school students about oceans through a story and illustrations, and inspire the next generation to care for these ecosystems, which are essential to all life on Earth.

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Part 4


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