Social Studies 7th Grade [Credit Recovery]


Social Studies 7th Grade [Credit Recovery]

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History, government, economics, sociology, geography, and anthropology all come together to show how modern culture arose from ancient and classical civilizations. Beginning with the New Kingdom of Egypt, students witness the growth of ancient civilizations into the classical empires that gave rise to medieval Europe. They discover how feudal Europe moved toward the Renaissance, and how its ideals of humanism and constitutional government ignited the scientific revolution and the Protestant Reformation. Students study the development of spirituality in the Middle East, the growth of dynasties in the Far East, and the formation of Mesoamerican civilization. As students learn about the development of modern nations and their quest for overseas colonies, they see how the competition for colonies and extreme nationalism led to international conflicts, including the Seven Years War and the Cold War. Students discover how the American political identity has evolved through developments including the Industrial Revolution, the labor and progressive movements, the struggle for civil rights, the economics of a modern society, and the dawn of the Information Age.

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