Mathematics 7th Grade (2nd semester)


Mathematics 7th Grade (2nd semester)

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Mathematics 7th Grade teaches skills essential to adult life and lays the groundwork for future mathematics courses. Students learn to apply their work with rational numbers and integers to everyday situations. Students convert words to expressions and vice versa, using equations and inequalities as problem-solving tools. They compute tax, percentage of error, commission, and interest by using rates, ratios, and proportions; graph ordered pairs; and graph and write linear equations. Their work with simple figures – triangles, angles, circles, quadrilaterals, and polygons – focuses on finding areas and perimeters. Students then move on to scale drawings and composite figures composed of simple figures, and compute the volumes and surface areas of solids, including prisms, cylinders, pyramids, cones, and spheres. Students collect data and use graphs, charts, and diagrams to read, interpret, and display the data. They also learn how graphs can be misleading. Students apply the study of sampling and populations to applications involving probability, likely and unlikely outcomes, permutations, combinations, and compound events. Students then represent these concepts by using Venn diagrams and charts, tools they will encounter in other courses.

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