Internet Safety (MS) and Study Skills (MS) (2 course bundle)


Internet Safety (MS) and Study Skills (MS) (2 course bundle)

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  • Middle School
  • 1 semester
  • Internet Safety (MS) course
  • Study Skills (MS) course
  • Instructional Services Included

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Internet Safety (MS)

Why take safety measures when using the Internet? What are the differences between interacting in the real world and interacting in a virtual world? In Internet Safety, students think critically about what constitutes appropriate behavior online and expand the range of their online interactions. This course begins by identifying safety precautions for communicating online, sharing content responsibly, keeping accounts safe, and preventing identity theft and viruses. Students learn to identify appropriate online behavior and compare and contrast real and virtual citizenship. The course defines cyberbullying and encourages students to consider its consequences, and to report those who engage in bullying behavior. Lessons also include explanations of phishing, plagiarism, copyright terms, and fair use. The course ends by explaining how to recognize quality websites for research, how to safely use social networking sites, and how to buy and sell items online.

Study Skills (MS)

Why are study skills important? What methods and techniques can students use to support studying, limit distractions, and prevent procrastination? The Study Skills course helps students to develop a program to manage their study time, enhance their concentration, and accomplish their goals. Topics include identifying causes of study-related stress; techniques for relieving stress; the pros and cons of studying alone and in study groups; and improving reading comprehension, reading fluency, writing, and note-taking. The course concludes with strategies for preparing for tests and reducing test anxiety, leaving students well-prepared to meet their academic challenges.

Internet Safety

Study Skills


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