English 4 [Project Based] (1st Semester)


English 4 [Project Based] (1st Semester)

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  • High School
  • Parts 1 and 2
  • 2 Mastery Projects
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In English 4, students look critically at the world around them by reading a range of texts that explore past and present social, political, and cultural issues. As they read, students are challenged to analyze how central ideas and themes are crafted and presented, assess the author’s purpose for writing, and consider how to break down and evaluate information in a thoughtful manner. Throughout this course, students will think about how people see the world from different perspectives while also considering the common themes, hardships, and triumphs that unite humanity.

Rhetorical Speech [Mastery Project]


You have been asked to submit an original speech to the website Speechify answering the question “What is worth preserving?” To make sure you produce an engaging and effective response, Speechify requires you to incorporate the three rhetorical appeals – ethos, logos, and pathos – in your message. Consider how you will use both facts and opinions in answering the question, while aiming to keep a general audience actively listening to your words.

Gothic Conventions [Mastery Project]


Recent data on book sales across the United States has revealed a major increase in readers’ interest in all things Gothic. Leading publishing companies are looking to produce new works of fiction written by and for young people within this genre, hoping to capture the imaginations of these writers and readers. Because of your creativity and familiarity with Gothic conventions in art and literature, you have been asked to propose an idea and illustration for a new Gothic novel – summarizing the plot, main characters, and setting in a synopsis.

Part 1

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