English 3 [Project Based] (2nd semester)


English 3 [Project Based] (2nd semester)

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English 3 gives students the opportunity to explore the American identity by reading American texts that span the period from the late eighteenth century through the late twentieth century. During this journey through American literature, students will examine a variety of texts, including documents, speeches, poems, short stories, and novels. As they read these texts, students learn about the themes, characteristics, and concepts that delineate the American identity and examine how literature both reflects and defines these ideas. This work culminates in a project in which students research the American literary canon throughout history and then choose a modern text that they believe should be part of the literary canon. By the end of the course, students should be able to describe the defining characteristics of American literature and explain how those characteristics have evolved over time.

American Dream Podcast [Mastery Project]


The independent, teen-produced podcast program Blank Journal seeks to engage young people in writing and sharing essays describing their lives and beliefs by posting journal prompts that promote reflection and encourage creative expression. The theme of next month’s Blank Journal podcast is “The American Dream,” and the program is looking for submissions that explore the meaning of this phrase today, the questions it raises, and the challenges people might face in realizing it. The Blank Journal prompt is “What does the American dream mean to you?” In order to respond, contributors must first write an essay (script) and then create an audio recording (podcast) that could be featured in the podcast series!

Dramatic Dialogue [Mastery Project]


The Brooklyn Museum, home of “The Dinner Party” by Judy Chicago, started a literary contest open to all high school students to create a dialogue featuring women from history, discussing their roles in society. The dialogue must address the question “What are the different roles of men and women in society?” Submissions must include a script of the dialogue between yourself and at least two notable women.

Part 3

Part 4


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