English 3 [Project Based] (1st semseter)


English 3 [Project Based] (1st semseter)

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English 3 gives students the opportunity to explore the American identity by reading American texts that span the period from the late eighteenth century through the late twentieth century. During this journey through American literature, students will examine a variety of texts, including documents, speeches, poems, short stories, and novels. As they read these texts, students learn about the themes, characteristics, and concepts that delineate the American identity and examine how literature both reflects and defines these ideas. This work culminates in a project in which students research the American literary canon throughout history and then choose a modern text that they believe should be part of the literary canon. By the end of the course, students should be able to describe the defining characteristics of American literature and explain how those characteristics have evolved over time.

Meaning of Life [Mastery Project]


Just before the winter holidays in 1988, Life magazine published a special edition called “The Meaning of Life.” The editors asked “scientists and theologians, authors and artists, celebrities and everyday sages on the street” about their views on the meaning of life, and invited “seven photographers who captured the meaning of life on a single frame of film.” Now, in this new century, Life magazine has decided to recreate this project in digital form with the hope of encouraging dialogue, creativity, and reflection about why we are here from a wide variety of voices. Life is calling on students from all over the world to contribute by producing works of creative nonfiction that answer the question What is the meaning of life? through the eyes of another human being.

Origin Story [Mastery Project]


You have been asked to contribute a creation story for a new anthology titled Other Worlds. Your job as storyteller is to convey an environment using descriptive language and etiology, so that your audience will understand the origin of a specific feature or place. Using your knowledge of global creation stories and your understanding of key story elements and literary devices, write your own creation story explaining some thing or place. Your story should captivate your audience, so be creative, descriptive, and intriguing.

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