English 2 [Project Based] (1st semester)


English 2 [Project Based] (1st semester)

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  • Parts 1 and 2
  • 2 Mastery Projects
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How can the written language be changed according to context, audience, and purpose? In this course, students explore the evolution of language in fiction and nonfiction, assess rhetorical and narrative techniques, identify and refine claims and counterclaims, and ask and answer questions to aid in their research. Students also evaluate and employ vocabulary and comprehension strategies to determine the literal, figurative, and connotative meanings of technical and content-area words and phrases.

Hero’s Journey [Mastery Project]


At points in every life, there are calls for adventure and challenges to face. Heroes emerge when these challenges are met with courage and determination. Whether it is a hero who saves the world, a doctor who saves a life, or a person that stands up for someone’s fundamental rights, we are surrounded by everyday heroes. A new comic book publisher is starting a series of graphic novels that profile everyday heroes, drawing inspiration from fictional heroes from popular culture. They are looking for character ideas that can be turned into full graphic novels, turning ordinary people into extraordinary role models. Submissions must include an explanation as well as a series of drawings that highlight the major plot twists and stages of the ordinary hero’s life, while showing how they share characteristics with familiar fictional characters.

Canon Defense [Mastery Project]


Your state’s board of education is updating its required reading lists for all high school subject areas. The board has created an advisory group to pull the best ideas together and help support this endeavor. As a student advisor for the new high school literary canon, you will share your personal recommendation of a book to be added to the reading list. Include highlights about the book to help persuade your audience that it should be added. You have been asked to prepare an engaging slide show presentation to recommend your book.

Part 1

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