English 1 [Project Based] (2nd semester)


English 1 [Project Based] (2nd semester)

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  • High School
  • Parts 3 and 4
  • 2 Mastery Projects
  • Includes Instructional Services

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How do writers and speakers effectively communicate to their audiences? When is it appropriate to use formal and informal English? When writing or speaking, why are smooth transitions from one idea, event, or concept to another important? Learning to become an effective communicator includes knowing how to receive, evaluate, comprehend, and respond to verbal and nonverbal communication. Students learn effective communication in the context of fiction and nonfiction writing as well as in one-on-one and group discussions. Students strengthen their writing skills by varying syntax and sentence types, and through the correct use of colons, semicolons, and conjunctive adverbs. Students learn to keep their audience, task, and purpose in mind while maintaining a formal style and objective tone, and use style manuals and reference materials to appropriately cite sources and ensure that their writing meets the conventions of formal English.

Poetry Reading [Mastery Project]


During this year’s National Poetry Month, the Poetry Archive shared an exciting request: The nonprofit organization is seeking original, brand-new audio recordings by teens for its website. You will be featured as a poet in the Hear Now: Youth Voices archive, and have been asked to write, read, and analyze your own poem for this project. Perhaps you’ve already found great poetic inspiration in the environment around you and discovered a poetic form you really want to practice. The Poetry Archive has asked you to submit a document that includes your poem, a link to an audio recording of your poem, and a poet’s statement explaining your muse, as well as the form, imagery, and devices you chose.

Censorship Presentation [Mastery Project]


The American Library Association (ALA) organizes an annual event each fall that celebrates the freedom to read. This year, they are asking students to submit profiles of their favorite banned books so the public can learn about each case and gain a broader understanding of the extent of censorship in schools and society. The ALA is proposing presentations be submitted in a specific format, which is outlined in the project rubric.

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Part 4


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